Know when to go and what to expect with Lewis


A little robot

Lewis is a virtual concierge who lives in your phone. On your messaging app.

Who knows London

He knows how to get to, from and around London.

Wants to help you

Lewis was built to help you when you are in London. All you have to do is talk to him. Message Us to get started on Facebook Messenger.

Getting around

Browse the details of London's 6 airports. Or ask Lewis the "best way from Heathrow" or the "cheapest way Gatwick". All from within your messaging app.

Seeing all the sights

Lewis has divided London into 9 areas with 45 must-see attractions. Browse the areas, ask "things to do in south London" or "to do Camden" to get to know them.

With all the essentials

Ask for "essentials" to find out more about day-to-day life, public transport, the culture, money usage and health & safety. Or ask something like "how to use a Boris bike?".

Know when to go

Arrive at the best sights at the best times. Avoid crowds and beat the queues. Just ask for the "best time to go to Borough market".

And what to expect

Being smart is booking London Eye tickets in advance to save money. Being like a local is booking on clear days only.

With Lewis

Know if today is that clear day to enjoy the views. Or if it's going to be a day to visit museums.